On Terror Lane there is a run down house rumoured to be haunted. Children who dare to enter are faced with a surprisingly clean cinema room, with a large stack of televisions in the centre. There you will be faced with [ASH], a strange robotic being who looks after MOTH, or “The Master of the House”, an entity living within the TVs, who seems to have control of the house.
Each episode is an animated adaptation of a short story, new or old- that is appropriate for children of a “tween” demographic. The stories end on the dual hosts having a discussion about what they just watched over credits.

AIMS: Creating a horror anthology that does not talk down to children or shy away from certain topics that may feed into a teen’s morbid curiosity. I want to re-introduce short storytelling to a younger audience, a medium which is perfect for horror stories.

Horror storytelling was still around when I was a child, though with the emergence of the internet, they were getting more intense and unfairly fear-mongering. I want to reign it back a little and preserve the fun of horror stories.